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The image of Granada is hard to define. Its Islamic past feels not so distant as you begin to walk the ancient streets of the Albayzín finding yourself lost in a sea of tea houses, Arabic bakeries and kebbab shops. The Sacromonte is a living museum to Romani or "gitano" culture and flamenco with it´s cave houses and tight-knit community. In a moments notice, it can bring you right back to the present as you come face to face with an ingenious piece of graffiti. Granada goes beyond the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada. Once you get past the lure of the Alhambra and the labyrinth like streets of the Albayzín, you´ll find one of Andulacía´s most youthful and dynamix cities, with free tapas, innovative bars, hide away Flammenco bars and up all night clubs. Thousands of people walk the streets of Granada everyday adding to its image and story one footprint at a time. 

C/ Frailes 28
18008 Granada
+34 858 98 10 40